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August 26, 2012
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A humid day in Maryland. Clouds blockade the sunlight from penetrating the Earth. Lightning strikes with fierce magnitude. Thunder belches so loud causing houses to quake. You sit under a cloak of blankets and kick up the music so loud the beats shake your walls. Three Days Grace has always made you feel so safe. But unfortunately for you, they can’t save you tonight.

You recently saw a video that your friend forced you to watch. A video that was so incredibly horrifying you haven’t slept in three days. A video that police have tried so desperately to take off of the internet. A video that’s killed many people and no one has survived. Now you it was your turn. Last night, word spread around school, that your friend was brutally murdered. The same friend that showed you the video. She was so confident that she’d survive, but to your dismay, she didn’t.

The video was a still frame of a long corridor in an abandoned mental asylum. Moonlight filtered through cobwebs that were progressively building. The windows lined the left side of the picture and the right side was lined with heavily locked doors. Whoever resided in the cells must’ve never gotten out. As the video went on, movement at the end of the hallway caught your eye. And it kept moving. Forward. Walking faster and faster until was in a full run, hitting the camera. It ended.

That night, you couldn’t get your mind off of it. Remembering the gruesome face of the abnormally tall, skinny figure. To your horror, your friend fell asleep. And after the video, three words popped up on the screen


Those words were the exact words of the infamous Jeff the Killer. So many people believed in him. You, of course, are the skeptic. So you had to search him up. And what did you find? Articles, many articles, claiming homicides of an infinite amount of people, dead. Gutted. Mouths ripped into smiles. You closed the page out before you could read any further. You sat at the desk crying. You couldn’t out run him. You couldn’t live after the video. And you had enough information to prove it. Your mother walked in and looked at you with a worried facve.

“What’s the matter, baby?” Her voice soft as honeysuckle and straightforward as an arrow. You’ll miss that voice. You’ll miss her. Your father, your brother, your sister. And your boyfriend.

All you could say the one thing mother’s love to hear: “Mom. It’s nothing. Just… my period. Alright? I’ll be fine. I need a few minutes to myself.” You try to reassure her, with much success.

Now you sit blaring Three Days Grace, as you have been for a few hours now. You stare around your room, thinking. I’ll be dead. Wasted. Gone. All by myself. Why did I ever watch that stupid video anyway? You get a chill down your spine. You absolutely hate that feeling. Like you’re being watched. But doesn’t Jeff kill at night. Out of every night, it has to be this one. It didn’t matter. Walk, run, drive, fly a thousand miles but he’ll still get you.

The music stops, you hold your breath. Next song: Goin’ Down. That’s the song’s title. This is so irrelevant, you think.

Took me down to the river

So I could

Drown Drown Drown.

I feel like I’m dying

I got one foot in the ground…

“More like I’m six feet under the ground,” You say to yourself.

Most of your friends have noticed you. Other people, too. Why do they care? Because the bags under your eyes have gotten so dark, your hazel eyes look black. You can’t even stand because you can’t eat. You’ve told all your friends that lunch has been making you feel sick. So, they went on with their lives.

The problem, prom’s in a week. You’ll be dead by then. Your date thinks you’re in top shape. Of course, he’s not too bright. He’ll be going solo. Maybe the prom will be canceled due to unexpected delays. They’ll know what that means though. You and your best friend will be in coffins. No, in the autopsy lab. Dead, cold, hard as a rock, lifeless. But everyone dies, you think. I just have the privilege of early acceptance. Ridiculous, right?

You’ll be another child of nightmare. That’s you call it. Kids who’ve died, slip into people while they’re sleeping and replace a dream with a nightmare. Everyone does it when they die, if you’re young.

A creak at your window. It’s time to die. It opens easily with no effort. Earlier, you purposely left it unlocked. Rather you than any other one of your family members. There he is. Jeff. The. Killer. He’s real. So real. Prominent black rings circle his eyes, oh, and the eyes. Erie but yet a wonderful shade you found fascinating: blind blue. The lightest shade there is. His jet black hair skims his collarbones and the smile. Permanently carved into cheeks to him smile forever.  A face that could never be forgotten.

Jeff just stares at you, and you stare back. Is it natural? You know? For you to just stare a cold hearted killer right in the eyes? You thought not. It isn’t normal. But instead of pleading, crying, or even the speeding of the heart, you smiled and laughed. Right in his face. Something even the president wouldn’t even think of doing. You quit your laugh and said:

“Jeff, I’ve been waiting for you. For a few days. You killed my friend? You may kill everyone on the planet or even me, but just know this: One day karma will take your place. Freak accident. You won’t find a way to get out of it. You’ll be all alone, by yourself. Left for dead. No one can live forever, Jeff. And that one day karma does catch up, remember to say bye and then lay your head in the pillow, and Go. To. Sleep.”

Jeff considered this for a moment and in that second, it seemed as if he were frowning. Saddened by your words and departed by memories. Then he smiled, and he laughed hysterically.

“Do you know how long I’ve waited for someone to say my name to me? Maybe, I’ll just have to kill you so this conversation, my name, will never be spoken to me again. Now, GO TO SLEEP!”

“NO!” You screamed. “I will never go to sleep. I will stay awake until the day you go to sleep. I will not be one of your victims. You will die, Jeff! I will seek you and in the end, you will close your eyes first!”

With that, he swished out his knife and stabbed you in the side, making you crunch up in a ball. He grabbed you by the wrist and started slitting them with such strength it was breath taking.  Life Starts Now started to play and you figured, if I’m going to die, I’ll die trying. Luckily for you, you kept a pocket knife under your pillow. You lunged at him with tremendous force and got him just in time to slide along a vital vain. It was you against him.

Jeff swung with a little less force and still got you in the arm. It was you against him. A fight to the death. He pinned you down on your bed by your wrists. Something popped up in your mind: He can’t stab me if he doesn’t have any hands to use. You quickly kneed him in the pelvic region. He crushed to the side and you had the upper hand. You continuously stabbed at his face and knocked the knife out his hand into yours. By that time, you had blood covered all over you. But you knew he was dead.

The gashes and stabs all over his face made him look unearthly. You had to get someone. You ran halfway down the stairs and called for your mom. She came quickly and saw the blood covering you. She went to your room. He was gone. You just killed him, and there was no breath in him. Somehow, he was gone…

Ok, my friend Tori kind of got me into Jeff the Killer and I absolutly HAD to write a fan fiction about him. We watched MrCreepyPasta and what happend to him happend to the girl in the story. The second will be out next weekend. PROMISE. This will be a fan fiction that will be continued. I hoped you liked it! ^.^
Part 2: [link]
Part 3: [link]
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